Nervous wait for OPs almost over

KELSIE IORIO   For school leavers around Queensland, OP scores are of utmost importance at the moment. One small (or not as small as some would ideally prefer) number seems like it can define a life at the end of grade 12; with … [Read more...]

Movie World Unveils New Ride

TAYLA SWALES Movie World has its new ride and attraction area: The Doomsday Destroyer and DC Comic Book Super Villians Unleashed. Tayla Swales went along to test out the new ride. … [Read more...]

The Nuclear Dilemma

SHARN KENNEDY "The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.” That was a quote from Albert Einstein, the man who first discovered how to tap into the atomic … [Read more...]

Supa-Fans Unite for Supanova!

TAYLA SWALES Pop Culture fever will hit Brisbane this weekend as Supanova Pop Culture Expo returns for another year. Now in its 18th year of returning to Brisbane, Supanova brings along a weekend of celebrities, fans, activities, competitions, … [Read more...]

Is Australia fully equipped to supply correct mental health services to arriving refugees?

TAYLA SWALES Last month Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced Australia will begin to take in refugees from Central America, increasing Australia’s refugee intake by 36%. Mr Turnbull announced the motion in September at the United Nations … [Read more...]

Everyone’s favourite bad movie returns this December

MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON   This December at the New Globe Theatre sees the return of the best, worst movie ever made, giving fans and curious cinephiles the chance to see Tommy Wiseau's The Room on the big screen. A genuine classic of … [Read more...]

Making a Murderer with Attorneys Dean Strang & Jerry Buting

TAYLA SWALES Brisbane Fans of the popular Netflix series Making a Murderer are excited to welcome defense lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting to QPAC tonight. Mr Strang and Mr Buting are defense lawyers for Steven Avery who is the focus of the … [Read more...]

Confidence makes world of difference

KELSIE IORIO It’s estimated that 130, 446 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia in 2016, and 46, 880 people will pass away from the disease. What pops into your head when you hear the word cancer? Hospital beds, … [Read more...]

Tweaking Airbnb could be the answer to refugee integration

LIZ CALLIGEROS According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, an unparalleled 65.3 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. Among them are nearly 21.3 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age … [Read more...]

OPNION: Hide and seek: a dark moment in Australian history

THE JUDGE Nauru and Manus Island: What the hell have we done? It’s true we don’t want a border policy that invites individuals to make the perilous journey to Australia via an illegal method. It has been well documented by the Australian … [Read more...]