Making A Difference

Making a Difference is a collaborative podcast series produced through The Junction.

Making A Difference grew out of a special project on constructive journalism. This is a type of journalism that doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions but it does avoid exaggerating negative and distressing elements. It also focuses on asking follow up questions such as what happens next, what are some possible solutions to this situation, in order the foster conversations about progress.

Each Making A Difference episode is created by students at a different university, and each one brings you stories about people and issues you may not hear about in other media.

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You can also listen to the episodes produced by Griffith journos right here.

Episode 21 – No Place Like Home (Griffith University)

SAT, 29 OCT 2022  

This episode by journalism students at Griffith University in Queensland tells stories about ‘home’. From campaigns that support people facing housing crisis to acknowledging the importance of feeling at home in your own body. We also investigate the impact of natural disasters on ecosystems – which we like to think of as non-human homes – and there is a tribute to the volunteers who keep our homes safe. They are truly making a difference.

Host: Chanelle Macbeth

‘Raise the Rate for Good’ – Reporter: Chanelle Macbeth
‘Kym’s Cycle for Charity’ – Reporter: Elizabeth Heseltine
‘At Home in Your Own Body’ – Reporter: Indio Myles
‘The Other ‘Homes’ Ruined by Floods’ – Reporter: Joshua McGuinness
‘Local Heroes’ – Reporter: Elizabeth Heseltine

Audio editors:
Chanelle Macbeth
Elizabeth Heseltine
Indio Myles
Joshua McGuinness
Bridget Backhaus
Heather Anderson 

Executive Producers:
Heather Anderson
Bridget Backhaus

‘There Is Only The Unknown Ahead’ – GetMusic
‘The Art of Silence’ – DHDMusic
‘If We Knew All The Laws of Nature’ – Robert Farmer
‘Wake Up’ – vitaminsound

Episode 9 – Better Together (Griffith University)

WED, 27 OCT 2021

Journalism students at Griffith University in Brisbane bring us stories about the power of communities. They go to regional areas to see how First Nations people are banding together to improve vaccination rates. We hear from Muslim Australians s trying to bridge the cultural and racial divide in this country. The community radio station is under-rated but it’s where careers are born and local voices are heard, and they need to be supported. As the world grapples with the effects of climate change and warming oceans, we report on the challenge to save seaweed…for own good. And there are few things more unifying and comforting than owning a pet. And that point has taken on even greater significance during the pandemic.

Hosts: Sitara Jat and Indio Myles
‘Vaccinating First Nations’ – Reporter: Tahnee Maxwell
‘Muslims Down Under’ – Reporter: Sitara Jat
‘The humble community radio station’ – Reporter: Indio Myles
‘Helping seaweed, helping us’ – Reporter: Jasmine Camp
‘Pet therapy’ – Reporter: Erin Norton
Executive Producers: Bridget Backhaus and Heather Anderson

‘There Is Only The Unknown Ahead’ – GetMusic
‘The Eternity’ – Roman Gorielov
‘Long Way Home’ – Roman Gorielov
‘Little Hero’ – LexinMusic
‘Fresh Fashion’ – TrendingMusic
‘Wake Up’ – vitaminsound