Rockabilly festival reaches 20-year milestone

Greazefest first timer Peachy Petra

BRITTINY EDWARDS The Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary year in the Redlands area this weekend, showing that the Southeast’s love of 1950s rockabilly culture is still going strong.   The festival, … [Read more...]

Australia’s Wealth Gap

Over the past few years, an inequality in wealth distribution has snuck its way into the Australian economy. This growing crevasse in the spread of wealth has hit a critical point, becoming what has now been dubbed the Australian Wealth Gap, that … [Read more...]


Why are young people so disengaged with politics? And how do you engage a demographic group that’s only focused on their avocado on toast? Tilly Hannan looks at this issue. story Till Hannan … [Read more...]

Sweet Mithi: The river that soured

The ever-expanding city of Mumbai has put immense pressure on the natural environment. Mumbai’s largest river, the mighty Mithi, now turned into a stormwater drain, wends through the city carrying with it the garbage and the sewage of millions. On … [Read more...]

Australia’s biggest fire ceremony is at Woodford

Anna Dreyer and Haley Smith Woodfordia is a place of many traditions, rituals and customs with its closing fire event one of the biggest ceremonies in Australia. Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event Director Alex Podger. Photo: Meg … [Read more...]

Remarkable Tales podcast from Woodford In this episode of Remarkable Tales, we take you to the Woodford Folk Festival. The Griffith University student newsroom based on site has gathered tales from throughout … [Read more...]

Cartoons in the age of Fake News with Sean Leahy

By Elizabeth Foster Renowned Australian political cartoonist Sean Leahy is back at Woodford, focusing on the relationship between cartoons and fake news. Sean discussed his career, asking the audience to not hold his history writing for The … [Read more...]

Electric Fields debuts Eurovision song on NYE

ANNA DREYER At midnight on New Year’s Eve, Electric Fields took to the stage at the Woodford Folk Festival and performed their song "2000 and Whatever" for the first time.   In February this year the modern electric soul … [Read more...]

Storytelling runs deep with Chasing Smoke

Storytelling is as foundational an aspect to community as a rigger is to a circus act, and only at Woodford Folk Festival, in an evocative performance like Chasing Smoke, would you find these two facets intertwine so seamlessly. Lara Croydon … [Read more...]

Removing the taboo of mental illness

by Jade McGarry REMI drawing an enthusiastic crowd at the GrandePhoto cred: Dylan Crawford Finally, it feels like we can talk about mental illness and it’s about bloody time. The struggles faced by people silently enduring the pain of … [Read more...]