REVIEW – Dan Sultan’s triumphant performance at Woodford Folk Festival

Dan Sultan made a victorious return to the stage at this year’s 2018 Woodford Folk Festival. Dan Sultan plays to a captive audience at the 2018 Woodford Folk Festival. Photo by Dylan Crawford. Fresh from a long break the acclaimed Australian … [Read more...]

Step in to the world of “The Game”

Snuffles - Death's Assistant. (Dylan Crawford @seewhatdsees) By Isaac Gregor There’s a world within a world here at the Woodford Folk Festival – it’s called The Game. A fantastical journey through time and space, where factions compete and … [Read more...]

The enchanting streets of Woodford Folk Festival

by Haley SmithLantern Parade. Photo cred: KalumThe streets come to life at Woodford Folk Festival with colourful attractions day and night.Uptown Brown. Photo cred: Dylan CrawfordUptown Brown performs an array of 1920s-1930s jazz and blues, this … [Read more...]

Woodford allows folk music to continue but with a modern direction

by Anna Dreyer Folk music continues to change and evolve in modern times, says Old Man Luedecke. Photo by Meg Williams-Dell Canadian singer songwriter Old Man Luedecker has once again graced the Woodford Folk Festival with his unique blend of … [Read more...]

The Menstrual Revolution

by Jade McGarry “Half the world menstruates, so we may as well talk about it.” So says Fiona McKeague, member of the ‘Menstru-Revolutionaries,’ a team of women working to innovate the menstrual process and eradicate the internalised shame … [Read more...]

Fitzroy River in the Kimberley Region is “still under a lot of threat,” says Dr Anne Poelina and Dr Barry Traill

By Connie Savage Source: Woodford Artist ImageSource: Connie Savage Conversations at Woodford Folk Festival turned solemn when Dr Anne Poelina and Dr Barry Traill discussed the challenges of gaining long-term protection for the Kimberley … [Read more...]

Woodfordians keeping connected at the Lettering House

You can write letters to just about anyone whether you know their name or not from the Woodford Folk Festival Letting House Photo Meg Williams-Dell By Connie Savage At any given time, it’s hard to find a seat at Woodford Folk Festival’s … [Read more...]

REVIEW – The art of body percussion with Junkyard Beats at Woodford Folk Festival

by Haley Smith Junkyard Beats show the art of body percussion - WFF stock photo “Skimdadaboo!” Oded Prior seduces the audience in a made-up language, waving to the crowd gathering under the Parlour tent at Woodford Folk Festival. He begins … [Read more...]

Youthful writings come alive at Woodford

By Elizabeth Foster Canadian group, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids made its Woodford debut (and in fact, their first out of North America performance) on Friday; and the show does exactly what it says on the tin. Volunteers get up on … [Read more...]

Chris Tamwoy taps and strums his way in to the hearts of Woodford

by Isaac Gregor Chris Tamwoy captivating the audience at the event 'Always Has, Always Will Be' - The Grande, Woodford Folk Festival. An undeniable aspect of Woodford Folk Festival's ethos is connectivity, and that theme has acted as a catalyst … [Read more...]