Students chose to travel now, pay later

THOM RILEY Every generation is on a journey to find itself; many millennials are banking on making that discovery in Peru. Take-up of the Challenges Abroad program, a federally-subsidised travel grant that enables university students to experience … [Read more...]

Gold Coast in the race for world athletics championships

ELOISE LE GROS The Gold Coast is a possible candidate to host future International Association of Athletics Federations’ world championships, according to its president. IAAF President Sebastian Coe said the federation may be looking to the … [Read more...]

Pararoos Aiming for More Than Just Gold

JACOB IRVINE   In a couple of weeks’ time, Australia will be competing on the world stage in yet another international sporting tournament. It’s not as glamourous as the Olympics, or as well-known as the FIFA World Cup. In fact, it receives almost … [Read more...]

The dangers of hating the Melbourne Cup

THOMAS PITTS Another Melbourne Cup has passed, but the cost to Australia is not only taking the next day off work with a bad hangover, but supporting a day which animal activists say kill thousands of horses and basically tortures them, but there … [Read more...]

Vote Trump, Australia?

THOMAS PITTS America is now in it's final week of a long and fiery presidential campaign which has been depicted by many media outlets as a very tight race, since Trump announced his candidacy there has been a wave of Australian support and a wave … [Read more...]

Horrific CCTV of random attacker punching woman on crowded London Street

TAYLOR ROWE WARNING: This video contains explicit images, some viewers may find disturbing. Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of a woman being … [Read more...]

Lujayn Hawari

Of Palestinian origin, born in Saudi Arabia, and raised in Australia, Lujayn Hawari is a young and passionate journalist for The Source News. She has an interest in international affairs and Islam-West Relations. Aspiring to become a foreign … [Read more...]

Aussie’s goddess tattoo offends Indian Hindus

BEAU ROBINSON A young tattooed traveller has found himself facing the wrath of members of a Hindu community in India. Matthew Gordon offended the Hindu’s with his tattoo of the Hindu goddess, Yellama.  Gordon and his girlfriend Emily were … [Read more...]

Dodgy overseas tattoos can be life-risking decisions

RENATA NEMETH Australian travellers who get a tattoo or body piercing while on holiday are unaware of, or ignoring the risk of the potential to cause HIV and hepatitis infections. In 2012, Indonesian authorities estimated that one in four … [Read more...]

Survival of the 21st Century journalist

ANIKA MCMAHON Founder and author of Dot Earth, Andrew Revkin said the survival of 21st century journalists’ rests in their ability to maintain authority in a sceptical society. The 2015 Global Integrity Summit questioned the survival of … [Read more...]