Symbolism, Sustenance and Science

Produced by Josey Chivers, Manolo Iachizz, Kelly Johnstone.

Successfully communicating ecological issues and capitalising on humanity’s innate ability to shift perspective and culturally adapt to necessary change is a crucial component of achieving the global goal of a more sustainable future. With the topics of environmental degradation and food security at the forefront of our approach, and through the lenses of the agricultural livestock industry in Queensland and the emerging new ideas surrounding cellular technology, our podcast Symbolism, Sustenance and Science, aims to highlight the complexities of meaningfully communicating environmental topics to a broad audience. Narration and quotes from expert interviews and a webinar are delivered amidst the sounds of nature and the verses of a renowned historical poem that links both tradition and innovation. The different perspectives for both transformation and emergence in this space serve to simultaneously explore and give hope to the ecological challenges that threaten our ability to sustain ourselves. The overall aim of the podcast is to exemplify how democratic, situational specific, and solution-oriented communication is the most productive way to educate and motivate society and industry towards practices that will allow us to mitigate the worst effects of, or adapt to, a climate-altered future.

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