Brisbane students join global climate strike

School Strike 4 Climate Brisbane

AMY GRIFFIN Thousands of students around Australia and around the world will put down their schoolwork today to strike against government inaction on climate change as a part of the global School Strike 4 Climate initiative.   The … [Read more...]

The Source News on Global Digital – 19 September 2019

Coming up today on The Source News, we hear about the climate strikes that are set to take place across the nation tomorrow, the psychological effects of video gaming on children, the Bureau of Meteorology warns of an active storm season and how it … [Read more...]

Youth find hope, purpose in protest

ERIN SEMMLER Nineteen-year-old student Jordan Rowand said climate change makes her feel helpless, which begins to explain why she's standing outside a politician's office, holding a protest flag.   “Climate change is a pretty depressing topic … [Read more...]

The Nuclear Dilemma

SHARN KENNEDY "The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.” That was a quote from Albert Einstein, the man who first discovered how to tap into the atomic … [Read more...]

The shores of Tuvalu

SHARN KENNEDY I recently had the chance to escape the stresses and chaos of everyday life, and return to my families holiday home in the Sunshine Coast. It was the place I considered to be home, not because of the amount of time spent there, but the … [Read more...]

Tech boffins visualise rising sea levels and insurance premiums

New online tools will help people see future sea level rises in their local areas and even potential insurance changes as a result of climate change. Coastal Risk Australia combines elevation data from Geoscience Australia and sea level rise … [Read more...]

Community participation key to energy sustainability

ANIKA McMAHON and HANNAH SBEGHEN Fossil fuel companies will rely on community participation and adaptation to survive and succeed into the future. Speakers at the Global Integrity Summit have highlighted why new energy business models must … [Read more...]

Charles Sampford: Big businesses should embrace carbon-neutrality

DAVID SIMON Griffith University Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law Director Charles Sampford spoke briefly this morning about institutional integrity and climate change awareness for individuals and businesses. Mr Sampford … [Read more...]

Youth activists demand climate action for Australian reefs

JODIE DEAN The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) say it is vital climate action is taken to preserve Australian reefs. This week, cameras sent down to the sea bed of Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park by Parks Victoria revealed … [Read more...]

Lagarde: bring gender gap reduction target forward

DANIEL BACKHAUS Christine Lagarde has criticised the G20 for taking a soft touch approach to closing the gender gap. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund generally praised the outcome of the G20, but took aim at the … [Read more...]