Assisted dying and euthanasia: the discussion that divides Australia.

    By ERIN SEMMLER   We have birth plans, education plans and marriage plans but we don’t have a death plan. Should  Australians have the right to choose when they die? In July this year, an expert panel handed down … [Read more...]

Fighting the good fight for Free Speech

BY MICAELA ABOODY Threats to and censorship of freedom of speech around the world are real and increasing, and for Jodie Ginsberg she believes it is something we should recognise more. Jodie Ginsberg, Chair of Index on Censorship, spoke on the … [Read more...]

#Integrity20 that’s a wrap for 2017

  MITCHELL KROEHN Integrity 20 has come and gone for another year.  With a large turn out this year attendees enjoyed lively discussion and debate from philosophers, experts, satirists, academics, futurists,  and the list goes on.  The … [Read more...]

Power to the People Panel powwow Populist Politics

By JAKE DAY Luke Stegemann is a writer, editor, and Hispanist based in South-East Queensland. Mr Stegemann lead the Power to the People panel at Integrity 2017 with Rachel Kleinfeld, Masha Gessen, and Geoffrey Robertson. The panel of experts debated … [Read more...]

The nature of truth, hate speech and free speech

BY SAMANTHA BALDRY Professor Rae Langton, a professor in Philosophy at Cambridge University, spoke at the Integrity 20 conference today about free speech, hate speech and the nature of truth. After delivering a keynote presentation defining hate … [Read more...]

Populism and the Elite: An interview with Geoffrey Robertson QC

  BY DANICA STREADER Is populism any different from elitism? Geoffrey Robertson QC is a leading human rights barrister, author and broadcaster, who joined a panel of experts at the Integrity 2017 Conference to discuss the global … [Read more...]

Professor Julianne Schultz on free speech in the media

  BY ERIN SEMMLER Professor Julianne Schultz, founding editor of Griffith Review says 'the media has the power to turn the level of civilisation up or down'. Professor Schultz chaired this morning's Integrity 20 panel on free speech, … [Read more...]

The Source News on Global Digital – 21 September 2017

On today's show: We investigate the community divide over the same sex marriage postal plebiscite. We'll hear how hot it's going to get in the South East during the upcoming heatwave. And there's an in depth look at the ice epidemic gripping … [Read more...]

Bulimia rise in high school students

Eating disorders are the 3rd most common chronic illness in young women today. Recent research from 'Eating Disorders Victoria' shows one in five girls will experience an eating disorder. Some believe it’s all social media’s fault, whilst others say … [Read more...]

Oz Comic-Con prop weapons safety

Questions are being asked about the safety of Australian comic conventions after a man entered a recent comic convention in Phoenix, in the United states, carrying 4 loaded guns and a knife. With Brisbane's Oz Comic con fast approaching in … [Read more...]