Environmental sustainability vs development: are they exclusive?

Samantha Gray The Gold Coast from above From the sandy beaches, to the tropical rainforests to highly urban areas, Gold Coast is a beautifully diverse environment. But this diversity presents a multitude of environmental challenges, such as … [Read more...]

Afghanistan: the slow-moving crisis

For weeks now we have watched the Taliban take over Afghanistan from the calm and safety of Australia. But for The Source News journalist Sitara Jat, the situation hits close to home. She spoke to people with families caught in the Afghanistan … [Read more...]

Reflections on the International Association for Suicide Prevention

Samantha Gray The opportunity came up from a lecturer asking if students would like to add to their portfolio. The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) were holding their World Congress on the Gold Coast. It was a great … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital -14 October 2021

Today on The Source News, it’s our final episode for this season and we look back on some of the best stories we’ve brought you over the past few weeks. We look at rising crocodiles numbers, how young people see democracy, and talk to two of … [Read more...]

Unmasking the problem: disposable face masks and the environment

Neave Moore, Kayla Mclean & Ella Doyle Even with vaccinations rates climbing and freedoms slowing returning to locked down communities, masks are here to stay. Public transport, sport stadiums, restaurants, and indoor venues all require a … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital -12 October 2021

Coming up on today's show - Lucy reports on the gender pay gap for women in soccer, Indio explores what 'democracy' means in modern-day Australia, Sitara speaks with people affected by the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and Danni revisits the … [Read more...]

Safe conversations on social media

Tayla Burgess In a pandemic full of lockdowns, online learning, and endless hours inside, social media platforms have become a valuable source of socialisation for youth across the globe. The safety of these online spaces though, especially for … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 07 October 2021

Today on The Source News, we'll be taking a look at North Queensland's crocodile management, how the Gold Coast's rapid construction of highrises is causing thousands of locals to lose their homes, and the future of Tuvalu as climate change threatens … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 5 October 2021

Today, on The Source News, we focus on conservation and sustainability. How effective are shark nets when compared to the damage caused to marine wildlife? Is it that hard to set up an environmentally friendly business? Plus, we hear from those … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 30 September 2021

Today on The Source News, we will be taking a look at the rise of social media and how businesses, influencers and social movements are benefiting from these platforms in today’s digital world. We also explore the dark side of social media and the … [Read more...]