Sally Pearson pulls out of Commonwealth Games



UPDATE: MP Kate Jones gave media her thoughts on Sally Pearson’s unfortunate withdrawal from her hometown Games outside the Athlete’s Village today.

World champion 100 metre hurdler Sally Pearson has officially announced her withdrawal from the 2018 Commonwealth Games because of an ongoing injury to her right Achilles tendon.

Champion hurdler Sally Pearson withdraws from the Commonwealth Games today beside Athletics Australia head coach Craig Hilliard and team doctor Paul Blackman. Photo: Jordan Quinn


The tough decision was made today to announce her retraction from her hometown Games after being unable to complete a training session on Tuesday – just two days before the start of Games competition.

Pearson said it was a team decision and she did not want her withdrawal to distract attention from the Opening Ceremony and her role as the last Queen’s Baton bearer.

“I wanted to enjoy what I can of the Games,” she said.

The 31-year-old is hoping to be ready for Tokyo 2020, being the one of the main reasons for her withdrawal from these Games.

Pearson won’t return for the remainder of the athletics season, and is hoping her rehabilitation process will put her in good strides for the next Olympic Games.

Pearson was questioned whether or not she will continue to coach herself, to which she responded: “At this stage, definitely”.

Her team representatives said they didn’t want to let the Australian public or her teammates down.

Athletics Australia coach Craig Hilliard said: “There’s not much point in risking it for both Sally and the relay team.

He said he did not want Pearson pulling up at 50 metres, depriving her relay teammates of competing.

Pearson was still excited to be taking on the role of team captain.

“I’m here to help the athletes, even if it’s the role of water girl,” she joked.

“I want to make sure my team gets the support they need to succeed in these games.

“I know I can come back and be just as strong as I was, and I know the Australian public believes that”.



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