Reflections on the International Association for Suicide Prevention

Samantha Gray The opportunity came up from a lecturer asking if students would like to add to their portfolio. The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) were holding their World Congress on the Gold Coast. It was a great … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 07 October 2021

Today on The Source News, we'll be taking a look at North Queensland's crocodile management, how the Gold Coast's rapid construction of highrises is causing thousands of locals to lose their homes, and the future of Tuvalu as climate change threatens … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 30 September 2021

Today on The Source News, we will be taking a look at the rise of social media and how businesses, influencers and social movements are benefiting from these platforms in today’s digital world. We also explore the dark side of social media and the … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 28 September 2021

On today's show. It's International Access to Information Day! This event recognises the importance of the community’s right to access information held by governments around the globe.International Access to Information Day also promotes the value of … [Read more...]

“An outdated mode of transport” dividing opinions on the Gold Coast

Isabelle Condon and Simone Smith Welcome to Palm Beach ON a sunny Friday afternoon, Palm Beach residents gathered alongside Tallebudgera Creek, not to enjoy the sand and sun but to passionately defend their way of life. The Gold Coast City … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 21 September 2021

On today's episode of The Source News we learn what makes 'creatives' tick, explore the lower vaccination rates in First Nations' populations, hear how Indigenous technologies can be better utilised in Western contexts as well as the latest in … [Read more...]

Suicide prevention congress brings together experts and experience

Samantha Gray For the first time ever, the International Congress of Suicide Prevention will be held fully online to connect academics, researchers, practitioners, and those with lived experience on a global scale. Suicide is a public … [Read more...]

Out with the Old, In with the New

Tayla Burgess Surfers Paradise then and now Hidden in the suburban sprawl of Gold Coast lies the peaceful oasis of The Gold Coast Historical Museum. A dedicated space to lay tribute to a world before now, showing future generations how … [Read more...]

The Source News on 4EB Global Digital – 16 September 2021

Today on The Source news, we hear from renowned journalist Matthew Condon and his new podcast. We learn about an Australian business jumping aboard the emergence of non-alcoholic beverages, and how a dance studio is empowering young people. We also … [Read more...]

Explainer: Implementing greenspace In urban development

Indio Myles The Queensland state government has control of the balance between infrastructure growth and the development of green space in urban areas. Where do the main parties stand on prioritising this balance?  The benefits of … [Read more...]