Fighting the good fight for Free Speech

Ceo of Index of Censorship Jodie Ginsberg on the big screen at Integrity 20


Threats to and censorship of freedom of speech around the world are real and increasing, and for Jodie Ginsberg she believes it is something we should recognise more.

Jodie Ginsberg, Chair of Index on Censorship, spoke on the panel of ‘Unsafe Spaces’ at Integrity 20 this morning.

Regardless of what might be said, Jodie believes that everyone has the right to free speech.

However, the line between free speech and hate speech is becoming unclear and is often crossed.

Jodie says threats to free speech include “broader threats” where people “voice their opinions of other people’s opinions”.

Rae Langton, Kenan Malik and Julianne Shultz joined Jodie Ginsberg on the panel and spoke on the topics of ‘free speech’, ‘uncomfortable speech’ and ‘weaponised words’.



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