Ms Saffaa – I am my own guardian – just not quite yet

Ms Saffaa is a self-exiled Saudi Arabian street artist who uses murals to highlight women’s and human rights violations in that country. Ms Saffaa’s murals first came to the spotlight when her “I am my own guardian” mural went viral in 2016. She is … [Read more...]

Fighting the good fight for Free Speech

BY MICAELA ABOODY Threats to and censorship of freedom of speech around the world are real and increasing, and for Jodie Ginsberg she believes it is something we should recognise more. Jodie Ginsberg, Chair of Index on Censorship, spoke on the … [Read more...]

Australia much like the UK in the face of global refugee crisis

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD It was another day of informative discussion at the Integrity 20 Summit with Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Professor Penelope Matthew, Professor Robert Manne and Race Discrimination Commisioner Tim Soutphommasane analyzing the … [Read more...]

Integrity 20 Summit: Sarah Chayes

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD The annual Integrity 20 Summit is set to commence at Griffith University's Conservatorium on the 25th October. The Summit lasts for three days and involves guest speakers from around the globe examining world-wide issues … [Read more...]