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Griffith episode of Making a Difference podcast

In the latest episode of The Junction’s podcast, Making a Difference, journalism students from Griffith University report on people who need support in difficult times.

And for all those people needing support, there are individuals, communities and organisations who are there to provide help.

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Merced Hernandez and Olivia Schoenauer
‘Youth detention’ – Reporter: Merced Hernandez
‘Bushfires…again’ – Reporter: Olivia Schoenauer
‘Seeking shelter’ – Reporter: Nicholas Powell
‘Finding resilience’ – Reporter: Larissa Espig
‘Speak and Share’ – Reporter: Alana Williams
Audio Editors
Merced Hernandez, Olivia Schoenauer, Nicholas Powell, Larissa Espig, Alana Williams, Bridget Backhaus and Heather Anderson
Executive Producers
Bridget Backhaus and Heather Anderson

‘There Is Only The Unknown Ahead’ – GetMusic
‘With Me’ – Sabine Bloch
‘Wake Up’ – vitaminsound

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