Photo of Eastern Club Nipigi Namu (cricket team)

Cricket as a tool to support islander women – Vanuatu style!

By Heather Anderson

Have you ever noticed how little we hear about cricket in the Pacific, despite Australia being part of the region?

And did you know Vanuatu dominated this year’s T-20 season, with the men winning the World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier and the women coming second to Papua New Guinea, in the Pacific Cup?

Those competitions play Western style, or ‘hardball’ cricket, as it’s known in Vanuatu.

In this audio story we hear about the Women’s Island Cricket Program, which is funded by the Australian government, and draws on a more traditional form of cricket to promote health and safety for rural and villager women.

While on a Griffith Uni study tour with students reporting on climate change in the Pacific, journalism lecturer Heather Anderson took some time out to attend a game in Port Villa and a training session on Tanna Island.

Featured in this story

Mary Estelle Mahuk – Lead Social Impact & Inclusion Ambassador and Women’s Cricket Officer, Vanuatu Cricket Association

Nasimana Navaika – Professional cricketer, Vanuatu Cricket Association

Carolyn Narua – Player, Eastern Club Nipigi Namu

Training session for Eastern Club Nipigi Namu at Port Resolution, Tanna

This article was supported by DFAT New Colombo Plan Funding where the student attended the Climate Change Communication in the Pacific: Vanuatu Mobility Tour in 2022. This Mobility Tour offers Communication and Journalism students an opportunity to explore the Pacific region and develop skills and expertise to write and report on climate changes.

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