You, Me and the Sea – Documentary

Sam Wells, Sarah Bennallack, Sarah Parkin

You, Me and the Sea is a micro-documentary created by Samantha Wells, Sarah Bennallack and Sarah Parkin from Gold Coast, Australia.

Living in a coastal city, where the beach is an everyday activity, this group of university students were concerned about the current and future state of the sea, and the alarming effects ocean debris has on our loved marine life.

You, Me and the Sea will dive into the negative effects of our disposable lifestyle and plastic pollution on beaches, both on a local and global scale. Y

You will be enlightened to hear from local professionals who are passionate about this issue, Sea World veterinarians who help clear our waterways of plastic pollution and educate locals about protecting our precious marine life.

In addition, academics who delve into researching environmental issues and discover ways to make a positive change to inspire others

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