Orchid show blossoms in Mermaid Waters


The Gold Coast orchid show banner Photo: Olivia Weckerle

The 2017 Orchid Spring Show is being held at the Albert Waterways Community Centre in Mermaid Waters from Friday the 15th until Saturday the 16th of September.

Secretary for the Gold Coast Orchid Society, Lew Smith wants the Gold Coast community to come along and observe the demonstrations and expert advice given at the event.

“The Orchid bench will be judged by a range of Australian Orchid Council judges. The main things the judges looks for in a winning Orchid is presentation, flower shape, colour, attractiveness, flower size, substance, and texture,” Ms Smith said.

“The Show bench will be divided into two sections, a section for Orchids and a section for Foliage.”

“The Orchid plants will include Cattleya’s, Dendrobiums, Australian Native’s which will include the spectacular Dendrobium Speciosum, Phalaenopsis, Exotic Species, Oncidiums, & Cymbidiums – Foliage will Include Ferns, Begonias, Succulents & Bromeliads.”

The show has a wide range of orchids Photo: Olivia Weckerle

The orchid show is filled with an array of different orchids- from the classics to hybrids.

The event has been running for six years and brings a range of flower enthusiasts together to both purchase and appreciate the beauty of orchids.

Judy Symonds, who works for an orchid product supplier, ‘The Orchid Den’,  believes orchid growing is a dying art that should be more appreciated by a younger demographic.

“Like many things, younger people are not coming to events like this and finding out how to properly care for orchids,” said Ms Symonds.

“They can’t get the information off their phone; it’s better to get the information off older people who have lots of experience.”

The Albert Waterways Community Centre-where the show has been held for 6 years Photo: Olivia Weckerle

The hall is filled with an array of beautiful orchids and foliage that everyone will enjoy.



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