Buskers ready for G20 to be over


Brisbane’s iconic street performers will return to their historical hotspots to entertain the masses as the G20 Leaders’ Summit winds down.

From clowns to saxophones, walking down Queen Street Mall has always been an exciting cultural experience.

Over the weekend of the summit, 30 street performance acts were asked to entertain the crowds, while the rest stayed at home because of low crowd numbers.

Professional musicians and bands have been a fixture of the CBD over the past few days performing for the delegates and residents who decided to head into the city.

Street performer Glen Isher, a singer who has relocated to perform in Brisbane, said he was looking forward to the next week as the crowds returned to listen to his performances.

“It has been quiet but it will be good when the G20 is over, a lot of people have taken off to the Gold Coast,” he said.

“I am excited to sing to the tourists again and I’ll get back here tomorrow for the crowds.”

Glen Isher busking in Brisbane today. Photo: Dan Carson


The buskers of Brisbane city are not the only ones who feel like they have missed out on experiencing Brisbane’s culture.

Brisbane Local Digby Doyle said that he enjoyed the unique sound of street performances.

“I love going to the city and hearing the buskers, they are something you can’t always hear so I am missing out as well [this week with the absence of performances],” he said.

“[Busking] is good for the streets of Brisbane, it brings life to the city…you can hear something you wouldn’t hear on the radio.

“They are important to the city, they bring a sense of culture to the city and they are something you wouldn’t normally see.”

Brisbane will slowly to return to business as usual over the next few days.

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