Buskers ready for G20 to be over

JOSHUA WELLS Brisbane’s iconic street performers will return to their historical hotspots to entertain the masses as the G20 Leaders’ Summit winds down. From clowns to saxophones, walking down Queen Street Mall has always been an exciting … [Read more...]

Protesters ‘die’ for a free Tibet

JOSHUA WELLS   Braving hot concrete and searing sun, Tibetan activists staged a 'die-in' protest for their fellow countrymen and women yesterday, drawing attention to the plight of Tibetans who they say live under the oppressive rule … [Read more...]

South Sudan pleads for UN, US help

JOSHUA WELLS The South Sudanese Brisbane Assembly rallied through Brisbane today to calling on G20 leaders to act swiftly to end tensions in South Sudan. The protesters demanded the United Nations (UN) sever ties with South Sudan President … [Read more...]

Tibetan activists call on World Leaders at G20

JOSHUA WELLS A Tibetan activist who claims to have been shot at and tortured in his homeland protested for a free Tibet in Brisbane today ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s arrival tonight. A banner that read “China fails human rights, … [Read more...]

Protesters confront coal giant at Brisbane cafe

JOSHUA WELLS Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) protesters stirred up the conversation yesterday as they interrupted Peabody Energy's President and Chief Operating Officer Glenn Kellow at Brisbane Global Cafe environmental talks. The … [Read more...]

Climate change takes back seat despite warnings

JOSHUA WELLS Update: United States President Barack Obama has announced this morning that the United States and Chinese governments will work together to reduce greenhouse gasses by 26 to 28 per cent by 2025. Climate change has taken a … [Read more...]

Netball World Cup empowering young women

JOSHUA WELLS Australia will host the 14th Netball World Cup in 2015, using the event to grow the sport and empower young women. During NWC2015, the International Netball Federation Congress will be held in Sydney to identify netball's … [Read more...]

BASE protest land destruction ahead of G20

JOSHUA WELLS Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy (BASE) today marched through the streets of Brisbane protesting the 'destruction of sacred sites'. The 'Genocidal 20' rally began at 9 am with speeches from elders and others protesting against … [Read more...]

Experts warn of drug risks ahead of festival season

JOSHUA WELLS Festival season is underway but Sydney's Harbourlife festival has been overshadowed by the death of 19-year old Georgina Bartter. She collapsed at the festival and died from a suspected adverse reaction to drugs, dying in St … [Read more...]

Y Lions return to past

JOSHUA WELLS Brisbane Lions have unveiled a blast from the past today with their 'Clash' jersey to feature elements from previous jumpers. The ‘Y’ design represents two of the most successful periods for the Australian Rules Football club, with … [Read more...]