Brisbane Uni first to tackle coffee cup wastage

MARNIE CRUICKSHANK Griffith University’s Centre for Sustainable Enterprise is taking action to fight local pollution and climate change. Griffith is the first university in Australia to partner on the Simply Cups project, which aims to … [Read more...]

Overpopulation: When is enough, enough?

THOMAS PITTS As the earth begins to reach a human population of over 7.5 billion and counting, numerous groups have formed globally to oppose an ever expanding population, which they believe is detrimental to the earth and the current living … [Read more...]

Placing stadium sports turf research on top of priority list

MICHAEL HERNANDEZ New research into grass management and maintenance for premier sports stadiums is long overdue, a leading turf expert said this week. The push for renewed research comes as pressure grows for high quality sports turf in … [Read more...]

Society unaware of benefits from urban forest

JASMINE BUCK Urban forests and a good tree cover can be a matter of life and death, one of Australia's foremost experts in urban tree management and arboriculture, said in Brisbane this week. Melbourne University horticulturalist Dr Greg … [Read more...]