Rural communities fight mental health strain

NSW farming photo Bec Ritchie Unsplash

ERIN RIETDYK There’s no arguing that rural communities in New South Wales have had it tough in recent years, being hit by drought, flood, bushfires, and now COVID-19.   But with the right amount of support and community engagement, … [Read more...]

Farmers struggle through drought

Farmer Graham Wilson

MICAELA ABOODY The current drought across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and inner Western Australia has left cattle and crop farmers struggling to keep their farms viable. Farmers and support organisations have said while the current … [Read more...]

Domestic abuse turns new ‘social’ chapter

ANNA J. JAMES A new domestic violence guidebook helps lawmakers recognise emotional abuse. On August 18, Attorney-General, George Brandis launched the National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book, a ‘best practice’ guide for domestic … [Read more...]

Shark sightings stop surfers surfing

KARLEIGH PEARSON Surfers say they are too scared to swim on Northern NSW beaches, as the number of shark sightings and incidents increase. Surfers will continue to make the drive the Gold Coast beaches to avoid being attacked, until … [Read more...]

NSW Government: shark culling off the table

CASSANDRA MULHERN The New South Wales Government is planning to invest $250,000 to prevent shark attacks following 11 attacks and one fatality this year. Despite calls for culling, the Government announced they would not be using this as a … [Read more...]