Healthy habits key to weight-loss

JORDAN QUINN A Gold Coast-based weight-loss program aims to revolutionise the health and fitness industry by not focusing on diets and training, but through building new mental habits. Launched in August, Sum Sanos - ‘I am Healthy’ in Latin - is … [Read more...]

Hilda finds calm after storms of WWII

TALITHA ORGAN-FLETCHER Flashes of lightning and booms of subtropical thunder, a Queensland summer. For one Gold Coast resident the noise and light trigger traumatic memories unlike most can imagine, memories of a lifetime ago. Hilda Fletcher, ne … [Read more...]

Students showcase dying Polynesian cultures

UQSPIA performing a cultural dance from Kiribati

LUISA AUSAGE The University of Queensland South Pacific Islander Association (UQSPIA) has hosted a special cultural event to showcase the music and dance of some of the many Pacific islander cultures that are present in Australia. Student-led … [Read more...]

Students chose to travel now, pay later

THOM RILEY Every generation is on a journey to find itself; many millennials are banking on making that discovery in Peru. Take-up of the Challenges Abroad program, a federally-subsidised travel grant that enables university students to experience … [Read more...]

Gold Coast in the race for world athletics championships

ELOISE LE GROS The Gold Coast is a possible candidate to host future International Association of Athletics Federations’ world championships, according to its president. IAAF President Sebastian Coe said the federation may be looking to the … [Read more...]

Pararoos Aiming for More Than Just Gold

JACOB IRVINE   In a couple of weeks’ time, Australia will be competing on the world stage in yet another international sporting tournament. It’s not as glamourous as the Olympics, or as well-known as the FIFA World Cup. In fact, it receives almost … [Read more...]

The dangers of hating the Melbourne Cup

THOMAS PITTS Another Melbourne Cup has passed, but the cost to Australia is not only taking the next day off work with a bad hangover, but supporting a day which animal activists say kill thousands of horses and basically tortures them, but there … [Read more...]

Vote Trump, Australia?

THOMAS PITTS America is now in it's final week of a long and fiery presidential campaign which has been depicted by many media outlets as a very tight race, since Trump announced his candidacy there has been a wave of Australian support and a wave … [Read more...]

Horrific CCTV of random attacker punching woman on crowded London Street

TAYLOR ROWE WARNING: This video contains explicit images, some viewers may find disturbing. Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of a woman being … [Read more...]

Lujayn Hawari

Of Palestinian origin, born in Saudi Arabia, and raised in Australia, Lujayn Hawari is a young and passionate journalist for The Source News. She has an interest in international affairs and Islam-West Relations. Aspiring to become a foreign … [Read more...]