Sustainable House Day bringing green home design into the mainstream – To Be Subbed


Sustainable house day provides home owners and eco-designers a chance share information. Picture: Gavin Anderson

Sustainable House Day held this Sunday gives local green sustainable house owners a chance to showcase their home to visitors.

The annual event held by Alternative Technology Association attracts people to examine first-hand homes built and designed with a focus on sustainability.

Sasha Shtargot spokesperson for Alternative Technology Association the says the event provides the opportunity to discuss, distribute and receive advice and challenge the idea of sustainable living being unrealistic.

“Sustainable House Day is an event thats meant to inspire people to go green in their homes. Anyone can come along and visit the best sustainable houses in Australia and they can see and learn from what other people are doing,” Mr Shtargot said.

The public gets the opportunity to talk to sustainable home owners, architects, builders, designers and energy auditors.

Operations Manager at Green Homes Australia Josh Hughes says Sustainable House Day is one of the more useful ways for people to gain informations on energy efficiency.

“There are a lot of concepts that are really simple in theory that people don’t necessarily understand. If they’ve got the ability to actually walk through a display home makes a massive difference in someone understanding how sustainable development makes a change,” Mr Hughes said.

The national event is a useful resource for anyone trying to reduce their carbon foot print and lead an environmental lifestyle and limit energy waste.

Sustainable Building Designer for Ecolibrium Designs Brett Grimley said the event allowed sustainable living to be popularised allowing everyday Australian’s access to information not found anywhere else.

“People that have built sustainable houses have obviously gone through a process of design and research and when those people share that knowledge they become more comfortable that they could do that themselves. It shows people that you can do it,” Mr Grimley said.





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