Terri Butler MP shares her Labor of love

Local Councillor Shayne Sutton (left) and State MP Di Farmer (right), attended the launch at Riverbends bookshop in Bulimba. Photo: Georgia Betros 


Terri Butler, Member for Griffith, has released her book, Labor of Love, with a local launch at Riverbend Books in Bulimba.

The Member for Griffith said her motivation for writing the book was highlighting the significance to the community, especially women, that politics is for everyone.

“Politics is better when it isn’t just an occupation for some, but a pre-occupation for the masses,” Ms Butler said.

“We have this great mechanism we can engage in… to aggregate different viewpoints and change the way things work.”

With chapter titles such as “Democracy doesn’t just happen, you know”, and “Action, not just hope”, Ms Butler says she is keen to re-energise civic engagement.

“If you don’t take an interest in politics, you’re leaving it to other people,” Ms Butler said.

“There is no such thing as being just a politician, I am a woman as well, and politics is something you do while real life’s happening.”

While addressing the current trust deficit in politics, urging that it’s not a reason to leave politicking to the periphery, the book is also a deeply personal at times.

The federal Queensland MP openly explores the pain of experiencing a miscarriage while she was on the campaign trail during her mid-20s.

However, there is also plenty of humour to be found, as Butler shares the task of having to consider the left/right factions of the Labor Party, when drawing up tables for her wedding to Labor’s Troy Spence.

Ms Butler, who won Kevin Rudd’s former Brisbane seat in a 2014 by-election, has been a member of the Australian Labor Party for nearly 20 years.

The book is now available for purchase online as well as participating stores.

Marnie Cruickshank

A Griffith University student graduating from a Bachelor of Communications, with a major in PR and minor in journalism, in February 2018.

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