G20 bus disruptions anger local man, police involved


Public transport users will notice 97 bus route changes during the week of 10-17 November Photo: Google images
There were 97 bus route changes during the week of November 10-17. Photo: Google

Police have become involved in an altercation between an elderly Brisbane man angry about G20 bus timetable disruptions, and a Brisbane City Council bus driver.

The man angrily confronted the Brisbane City Council bus driver about disruptions to his local bus services, and then argued further with the security officer that the bus driver called when the man refused to leave the bus.

Police were eventually called, and seven uniformed police officers and three police sedans arrived to deal with the incident.

The man was taken in to one of the waiting police cars but was not handcuffed. Police were able to resolve the situation peacefully after about 30 minutes.

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