West End’s Community Garden at risk

Scott Spillias Jane Street Community Garden

ISABELLA CHENG West End's Jane Street Community Garden could be competing for sunlight thanks to proposed 12-storey apartment building development that is likely to cast a long shadow over Davies Park and the community garden. A development … [Read more...]

Protesters party for public space

GRACE LLEWELLYN Right to the City protestors and locals took a festive approach in their fight for greater community control, and more public space, shutting down Russell Street in West End with a Protest Party. This protest party was a … [Read more...]

West End Development at the Height of Frustration for Locals

HANNAH SBEGHEN A developer's five year plan to build four 15-storey apartments in Central West End ignores community wishes and town planning expertise who say the high-density development is too high. The proposed 1500 apartments are only … [Read more...]

Health warning Issued For Brisbane residents

TORI ZEIDLER An urgent health warning has been issued for anyone who attended the markets at West End over the weekend. The warning comes after the discovery of a bat that was infected with the Australian Bat Lyssavirus found dying on the … [Read more...]

Tony Abbott ‘arrested’ for ecocide at West End

JACK LAWRIE   Activist group Generation Alpha pulled a creative stunt to protest against the Australian government's environmental policies -- staging an arrest of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The environmental activist group was … [Read more...]