Video rental stores face final curtain

MADDISON MANGAN Before there were online streaming services, such as Netflix and Stan, the only way people could enjoy films from home was by visiting your local video store. With online streaming now ubiquitous, videos stores have suffered – but … [Read more...]

How video game companies are making money off your childhood

TAYLA SWALES As Pokémon GO rose to popularity this year, people around the world were hit with a sense of nostalgia from the mobile application. During its peak, Pokémon GO was estimated to have around 9.5 million daily users around the world … [Read more...]

Star Wars fan project killed in the water

SAMUEL BURNETT Frontwire Studios President, Tony Romanelli has announced the suspension of the greatly anticipated fan-made game, Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil. The game, while still only in its Alpha stage, was a planned sequel to the … [Read more...]

ISP’s could be illegally allowing betting on online video games

BENNET NICHOL Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may be illegally providing avenues for people to bet on video game competitions. Increasingly popular international gaming competitions are used as platforms for online betting … [Read more...]