LGBT+ community struggles over COVID stresses

Stress on young people

ALEXANDER MCKENNA COVID-19 and the social isolation it has created is having a negative effect on the mental health of members of the LGBT+ community both in Australia and around the world.   The pandemic affects people in different … [Read more...]

A digital age of stress relief

SHILOH PAYNE Australians are going online in search of relief from our most common mental health condition - anxiety. BeyondBlue reports more than two million Australians suffer from anxiety, but some are finding comfort through a relatively new … [Read more...]

Pressure of university a big trigger of anxiety in students

CASSANDRA MULHERN As semester two of the 2015 university year comes to a close, students are preparing for the stress of final assignments and exams, resulting in intense anxiety for many. Stress is not uncommon among university students, … [Read more...]

PM Turnbull reminds teens: “There’s life after Year Twelve exams”

HOLLY WARE Being a high school student is stressful, even more so as final exams approach, with many teens turning to mental health organisations for help.  Youth mental health service ReachOut Australia has revealed that they expect over 80 … [Read more...]

Don’t be restless, just stress less

MATT HARDIE Whether it is a small business owner, a casual employee or a student, moments of stress or anxiety are an unwelcome occurrence in day-to-day life. Establishing ways to manage and eliminate stress can help your performance in the … [Read more...]