Equitable access to vote on equality?

MARNIE CRUICKSHANK A paperless vote option has been announced for blind or vision impaired people who want to vote in the upcoming postal survey on same-sex marriage. The Australia Bureau of Statistics announced the new option last week, as it … [Read more...]

Record numbers march for marriage equality in Brisbane

ARIANA PANETTIERE More than 5000 people gathered in Brisbane's Queen's Park last Saturday as part of the largest rally for LGBTI rights in the states's history. The rally, organised by Equal Love Brisbane was headlined by pop musicians and … [Read more...]

Katy Faust against gay marriage – but why?

NAKITA RONTO Traditional marriage advocate Katy Faust wants to put a stop to the legislation of gay matrimony. Raised by her lesbian mother and partner, Faust now has a blog site called askthebigot, which strongly opposes gay … [Read more...]

Poll: Majority of parliamentary members support a change in marriage law

CHERYL YONG Senator David Leyonhjelm's last attempt to push for a vote on same-sex marriage has sparked a shift in parliamentary support. Nearly 80 per cent of swing voters in parliament favour a change in the law, according to a Crosby … [Read more...]

Anti-Abbott rally calls for marriage equality

JONATHON NOONE Hundreds of people marched on Brisbane's King George Square at ‘anti-Abbott’ rally to protest Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s election and his Government’s policies. Marriage equality was the key issue at the rally and there was … [Read more...]

Council promises $21,000 for gay festival

SARAH ROHWEDER Brisbane City Council has confirmed a three-year funding commitment to the Brisbane Pride Festival after local support for the event prevailed in an online petition. In a letter sent to those who signed the petition, Lord Mayor … [Read more...]

First same-sex marriage for Australian couple in NZ

RODNEY BREWER A same-sex New South Wales couple were joined in holy matrimony this week in a ceremony held in Wellington. Trent Kandler and Paul McCarthy from Speers Point, near Newcastle have been dating for a decade and were wedded in front … [Read more...]

‘Fashion of the moment’ has been given 100 days

NICHOLAS MCDONALD Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has promised a conscience vote on marriage equality within 100 days should he win the election. The PM has acknowledged he has ‘evolved’ on the issue of marriage equality much to the delight of … [Read more...]