The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

KELSIE IORIO   Driver fatigue is responsible for 20-30% of the road toll in Queensland, according to the Queensland Police Service. A major factor of fatigue being a leading killer on the roads is that it can affect any driver, … [Read more...]

Young drivers not up to scratch

AARON COOPER State Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Mark Bailey has urged young drivers to be more cautious on Queensland roads. Speaking at Allan Border Field following the announcement of a new partnership between Queensland Cricket … [Read more...]

Road toll rises despite campaign efforts

ELIZABETH ANDAL Queensland road tolls rise despite road safety campaigns, an indication that providing awareness to the public is only half of the solution. Last year, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads implemented the … [Read more...]

Double demerits for text-happy drivers

LACEE BUZZA Queensland Police are cracking down on  drivers using their mobile phones by introducing tougher penalties on offenders. Those caught using their phone behind the wheel more than twice in a year will be slapped with double … [Read more...]

Government urges increase in speeding fines around schools

NANNAPHAT SRITAKOONRUT The Queensland Government will consider increasing fines for motorists caught near schools if new flashing lights fail to prevent speeding. The flashing lights are intended to draw motorists’ attention to the operation of … [Read more...]