Research brings hope for chronic fatigue sufferers

Josh Roberts

ROSIE BALL Eight years ago Josh Roberts was a fit and healthy teenager who loved running and academia, but these days he is forced to spend more than 20 hours each day in bed.   That’s because the 25-year-old has myalgic … [Read more...]

Healthy habits key to weight-loss

JORDAN QUINN A Gold Coast-based weight-loss program aims to revolutionise the health and fitness industry by not focusing on diets and training, but through building new mental habits. Launched in August, Sum Sanos - ‘I am Healthy’ in Latin - is … [Read more...]

New technique to grow avocado trees could make shortages of the fruit a thing of the past

RUBY PASCOE The new stem cell multiplication method could increase avocado production in Queensland by supplying 500-fold more avocado plants to the industry. Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, Professor Neena Mitter is … [Read more...]

Protein linked to obesity in new study

LUJAYN HAWARI Recently published studies have found protein in meat to be the culprit cause of obesity and health epidemics around the world. The University of Adelaide in Australia conducted a Public Health Arena Ecological Analysis on the … [Read more...]

Researchers work towards blood test for suicide

TAYLOR TOOVEY Researchers have discovered that an important molecule for brain protection has reduced activity in suicidal patients. Source: 2016 Pixabay Australian Professor of Neuroscience, Gilles Guillemin and his collaborators from … [Read more...]

Hope for cancer patients

HOLLY WARE Finding a cure for cancer seems like a monumental task, but a new joint funding program in Queensland is renewing hope. Cancer Council Queensland and Queensland Health have provided $7 million dollars worth of funding for … [Read more...]

Placing stadium sports turf research on top of priority list

MICHAEL HERNANDEZ New research into grass management and maintenance for premier sports stadiums is long overdue, a leading turf expert said this week. The push for renewed research comes as pressure grows for high quality sports turf in … [Read more...]

Mental health in spotlight during National Missing Persons Week

PHILLIP HARSANT This week is the 25th anniversary of National Missing Persons Week during which the Australian Federal Police (AFP) are focusing on awareness of mental health issues, a leading cause of people going missing. Around 35,000 … [Read more...]