The Source News on Global Digital – 12 September 2019

Coming up today on The Source News, we hear about the two teenagers charged in relation to the Sunshine Coast bushfires, the potential prospect of an Indigenous War memorial in Brisbane’s Anzac Square, the impact of illegal massage parlours on the … [Read more...]

Overpopulation: When is enough, enough?

THOMAS PITTS As the earth begins to reach a human population of over 7.5 billion and counting, numerous groups have formed globally to oppose an ever expanding population, which they believe is detrimental to the earth and the current living … [Read more...]

Australia much like the UK in the face of global refugee crisis

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD It was another day of informative discussion at the Integrity 20 Summit with Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Professor Penelope Matthew, Professor Robert Manne and Race Discrimination Commisioner Tim Soutphommasane analyzing the … [Read more...]

Medicinal marijuana to be available with no criminal history checks?

LIAM WIDDICOMBE Criminal history checks on doctors and patients wanting to access medicinal marijuana should not be relevant regarding applications to access the drug, a parliamentary committee has argued. This follows the delivery of a special … [Read more...]

Credit Cards and the Scammers

ANYIETH KUOTZ More Australians are falling victims to online and credit card fraud and scammers. The way Australians use banks these days, such as banking online and using ATMs, means they are much more exposed to fraud. Scammers have … [Read more...]

Youth Detention Review made possible by Freedom of Information Request

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD The Queensland Government have recently announced a review into youth detention centres after the discovery of abuse at the Cleveland youth detention facility. The review comes after revelations about the Don Dale … [Read more...]

Protestors Rally for Reinstatement of Restricted Land Clearing Act

REBECCA BATS Protestors rallied outside Brisbane Parliament House today, calling on the Liberal government to reinstate Labor’s restricted land clearing for farming act. Queensland Conservation Council coordinator Dr Tim Seelig says that tree … [Read more...]

Tim Nicholls fails to explain $8 BILLION black hole

ANYIETH KUOTZ Queensland's Palaszczuk Government have left black holes in post-election revenue promises, which was meant to generate a substantial amount of work for the state. Queenslanders were promised a generous investment by the LNP … [Read more...]

Liz Calligeros

Liz Calligeros is a journalist who prefers to write long-form articles that spark an openness in readers to think about issues that she believes need to be discussed, particularly social issues and environmental conservation. When she isn't writing, … [Read more...]

Between the Headlines Ep. 1

Today, Between the Headlines talk to Dr. Paul Williams and Guy Healy about this week's political stories and major issues in the upcoming federal election.   … [Read more...]