Protestors march over Indigenous deaths

Gwenda Stanley

LUKE ANSCOMBE Emotions ran high as about 100 activists marched on the Queensland Police Service headquarters in Brisbane on Saturday in a display of solidarity for the families of two Indigenous teenagers who died in Western Australia last … [Read more...]

QLD domestic violence protection extended

ELOISE LE GROS Queensland police officers will have the ability to act quicker and protect victims escaping domestic violence if a new amendment bill is passed this week in state parliament. The amendments to current legislation would allow … [Read more...]

20,000 missing Australian children

GRACE LLEWELLYN Around 35,000 people go missing every year throughout Australia including 20,000 children under the age of 18. Most children reported missing are located safe and well within 24 hours, however there are still a small percentage … [Read more...]

Guilty verdict delivered in cop shooting case

BRENT ROW After two years in the making, Brisbane Supreme Court reached a guilty verdict closing one of the most notorious police shooting cases in Queensland’s history. Robert George Speedy, 49, was found guilty of attempted murder after … [Read more...]

Desire for more assistance after death of Logan man

JAMES JUST A Logan man has died after being restrained by police who were called to the area when the man's family called emergency services. Shaun Coolwell, 34, was reportedly pushed to the ground and restrained by the shoulders and knees … [Read more...]

Drink driving shock over AFL long weekend

JAMES JUST A startling number of Victorian and Queensland motorists were found over the limit during the AFL long weekend last Monday. According to Victorian police statistics, 218 out of 1900 drivers tested positive after being pulled … [Read more...]

Tense standoff at Roma St Parklands

LINDA BRADY A tense standoff near the Roma Street parklands just before 11.30 this morning as three teams of  armed police stopped and searched occupants of a vehicle which had tooted its horn in support of Aboriginal  protesters. The dozen … [Read more...]

Anonymous commits to peaceful protests despite being forced to unmask

KRYSTAL GORDON AND MELANIE WHITING A 44 year old Dinmore man has been charged for wearing a mask during a protest in the G20 declared area. Media reports indicate the man was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask which is the trademark of activist group … [Read more...]

G20 kicks off, police make only four arrests

KRYSATL GORDON Queensland Police say they are pleased with the protests that took place today with only four G20 protest related arrests. Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said there were no incidents affecting motorcades, the spouses … [Read more...]

Deaths in custody a ‘terrorist act’

CRAIG THOMSON Aboriginal deaths in custody are a "terrorist act" against Indigenous people, an Aboriginal elder told protesters in Brisbane today. The passionate comment during the Aboriginal deaths in custody rally, was among a number of … [Read more...]