Silk from the sewer

ISABELLA PORRAS Green bushels of mulberry swaying in the wind The untouched power of wastewater A journey to silk Wastewater, a common enough sight dripping and swirling through storm drains and snaking its way around the bustling … [Read more...]

Exhibition to capture emotion of KP120 protests

Portraits of Protest project

HARLLY A LEWIS Two Brisbane-based journalists are working on plans for an immersive photographic exhibition about the Kangaroo Point protests, and the detained refugees known as the KP120.   The project, dubbed “Portraits of Protest”, … [Read more...]

Ruin photography embraces history and decay

Ruin photography

JACK HOLT In recent years, ruin photography, sometimes called “ruin porn”, has been gaining more and more interest, both from photographers themselves and from people whose curiosity in the subject matter makes the photos compelling … [Read more...]

The perks of being an international journalist

ELIZABETH ANDAL Nothing quite compares to being immersed in different cultures. With the exotic food, locations and individuals, there is no doubt that everyday will be full of new surprises. The experience of working overseas is one that many … [Read more...]

World Press Photo Exhibition ends this week in Brisbane

MATT TAYLOR World Press Photo Exhibition will be at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Source: Wikimedia.  The finest in visual journalism and documentary photography display comes to an end this week, with the 59th World Press Photo exhibition 2016 … [Read more...]

Brisbane’s World Press Photo 15 exhibition tells ‘human stories’

MELANIE WHITING The works of top photojournalists from around the globe are on display to the public for the 58th annual World Press Photo 15 exhibition presented by the Brisbane Powerhouse. The exhibition is part of a global tour which … [Read more...]