The perks of being an international journalist

ELIZABETH ANDAL Nothing quite compares to being immersed in different cultures. With the exotic food, locations and individuals, there is no doubt that everyday will be full of new surprises. The experience of working overseas is one that many … [Read more...]

Writers under arrest

JESS ROBERTSON Madonna King led a discussion at the Integrity Summit this morning, interviewing three journalists and activists on the topic of writers under arrest. Ms  King spoke with Angolan journalist and human rights activist, Rafael … [Read more...]

Medicinal marijuana to be available with no criminal history checks?

LIAM WIDDICOMBE Criminal history checks on doctors and patients wanting to access medicinal marijuana should not be relevant regarding applications to access the drug, a parliamentary committee has argued. This follows the delivery of a special … [Read more...]

Spornosexuals balancing aesthetics and academics

ANNA J. JAMES   Gyms have become modern-day water coolers, a place where young men converge in an unstable world. 23-year-old Bodie Sorensen works on his “ideal body” for four hours a day at the gym, counting calories and … [Read more...]

Instaboobs: surgeons debate 24-hour breast augmentation

ANNA J. JAMES 26-year-old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is promoting 'Fast Recovery' boob jobs after posting a shout out to her plastic surgeon. “Caught up with @DrGhavami today!!!” wrote Azalea to her 9.1million Instagram followers on July 19, … [Read more...]

Liz Calligeros

Liz Calligeros is a journalist who prefers to write long-form articles that spark an openness in readers to think about issues that she believes need to be discussed, particularly social issues and environmental conservation. When she isn't writing, … [Read more...]

Lujayn Hawari

Of Palestinian origin, born in Saudi Arabia, and raised in Australia, Lujayn Hawari is a young and passionate journalist for The Source News. She has an interest in international affairs and Islam-West Relations. Aspiring to become a foreign … [Read more...]

Yasmin Nelson

Yasmin moved to Brisbane from Byron Bay two years ago to pursue her thriving passion for journalism, particularly in the Radio Industry. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Marketing and Journalism at Griffith and … [Read more...]

Samuel Burnett

Sam is a self described nerd who works as a freelance writer. While he prefers the lighter side of news, upcoming films and events, he is still capable of tackling the big issues. His interests include jogging, reading and striving for world peace. … [Read more...]

Survival of the 21st Century journalist

ANIKA MCMAHON Founder and author of Dot Earth, Andrew Revkin said the survival of 21st century journalists’ rests in their ability to maintain authority in a sceptical society. The 2015 Global Integrity Summit questioned the survival of … [Read more...]