Afghanistan: the slow-moving crisis

For weeks now we have watched the Taliban take over Afghanistan from the calm and safety of Australia. But for The Source News journalist Sitara Jat, the situation hits close to home. She spoke to people with families caught in the Afghanistan … [Read more...]

MSF leave Northern Yemen after Hospital strikes continue

THOMAS PITTS In the past 12 months Yemen's ongoing conflict has seen thousands killed and more disturbingly, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospitals continually struck by coalition aerial bombardment. On August 15th 2016 the bloodiest attack on a … [Read more...]

Samuel Burnett

Sam is a self described nerd who works as a freelance writer. While he prefers the lighter side of news, upcoming films and events, he is still capable of tackling the big issues. His interests include jogging, reading and striving for world peace. … [Read more...]

Abbott reimburses taxpayers for wedding expenses

GABRIELLE SMITH In a media conference held yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced he had used government entitlements to attend of two weddings in 2006. While reports have emerged that the PM had already repaid upwards of $1,000 … [Read more...]

European media: Unelectable Ironman takes the helm of Australia!

ANETA ZILVAROVA “Maine Fou”, “verrückte Mönch”, “Mad Monk” - this unfavourable portrayal of the new Australian Prime Minister Mr Tony Abbott was splashed in headlines in the main media across Europe. Abbott is mostly expected to be a 'Prime … [Read more...]

Colombians rally in Brisbane to stop abuse against farmers in home country

KATHERINE VEGA Hundreds of Colombian's have expressed their anger towards the unfair treatment and abuse of farmers at a public rally in Brisbane's Square. Over 200 people gathered in front of the Brisbane City Library at 10am on Saturday … [Read more...]

Syrian samples to reveal the extent of chemical weapons use

JONATHAN NOONE Samples allegedly containing evidence of chemical weapons-use in Syria will be transferred to laboratories today. A spokesperson for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Mr Ban had just spoken with Dr Ake Sellstrom, the … [Read more...]