Honesty online opens mental health conversation

Mikayla Kersten

OLIVIA SIVA We all know it, but we don’t often talk about it; posts to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can create a posed, edited, unrealistic snapshot of an individual’s life.   This superficial “social … [Read more...]

The Brisbane dog taking social media by storm

MATTHEW HEPWORTH A Brisbane man and his dog are taking social media by storm, featuring on some of the world’s most popular Facebook sites. Rohan Heath and his miniature long haired dachshund Daisy have amassed over 30,000 likes on Facebook … [Read more...]

Instagram opening doors to healthy lifestyles

AARON COOPER Social media is often regarded as a toxic element of modern life and regularly draws the ire of many complaining about its time-wasting and inspiration-killing capabilities. However, platforms such as Instagram are fast becoming … [Read more...]

Out with the billboards and in with the influencers

JESSICA WEST A fast growing advertiser strategy to capture the attention of the teen market is through the use of social media influencers aka the “insta-famous”. These influencers are being paid, or given free products, to post images or … [Read more...]

Spornosexuals balancing aesthetics and academics

ANNA J. JAMES   Gyms have become modern-day water coolers, a place where young men converge in an unstable world. 23-year-old Bodie Sorensen works on his “ideal body” for four hours a day at the gym, counting calories and … [Read more...]

Social media now a battle ground for young people

JESS ROBERTSON As social media usage continues to escalate, pressure for cyberspace recognition has increased for students. Year 12 high school student, Phoebe White describes social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram as the new … [Read more...]

Misconception of the Insta-body image

ALANNAH KERR In today's society, social media has taken over the minds of young women and brainwashed them into how their bodies should look to seem sexy, attractive and beautiful. What young women aren't realising is it's all a … [Read more...]

Instaboobs: surgeons debate 24-hour breast augmentation

ANNA J. JAMES 26-year-old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is promoting 'Fast Recovery' boob jobs after posting a shout out to her plastic surgeon. “Caught up with @DrGhavami today!!!” wrote Azalea to her 9.1million Instagram followers on July 19, … [Read more...]