‘Evergreen’ Tao church thrives in Brisbane

SIYUAN YANG Sunday afternoon at the Evergreen Taoist Church in Brisbane. It’s a bit quiet today. Volunteers are preparing for a celebration, next week. Meanwhile, a priest and two Taoists are engaged in a ritual – chanting and playing … [Read more...]

The primary task for international students

KAN JIANG & NANNAPHAT SRITAKOONRUT Australia is growing into one of the most popular destinations for international students. Last week was the beginning of a new semester as well as a brand new start for them. How international … [Read more...]

Career opportunities for Chinese students

KHAN JIANG The Chinese Graduate Careers Fair Australia 2013 was held in Brisbane at Queensland University Of Technology (QUT) last Friday. The event targeted Chinese students who are completing or have completed their degree from Australian … [Read more...]

Bacteria found in milk products

KAN JIANG The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has prompted a recall on milk products following the discovery of botulism-causing bacteria by New Zealand company Fonterra. The Ministry of Primary Industries announced last week that Karicare … [Read more...]