‘Evergreen’ Tao church thrives in Brisbane

SIYUAN YANG Sunday afternoon at the Evergreen Taoist Church in Brisbane. It’s a bit quiet today. Volunteers are preparing for a celebration, next week. Meanwhile, a priest and two Taoists are engaged in a ritual – chanting and playing … [Read more...]

South Sudan pleads for UN, US help

JOSHUA WELLS The South Sudanese Brisbane Assembly rallied through Brisbane today to calling on G20 leaders to act swiftly to end tensions in South Sudan. The protesters demanded the United Nations (UN) sever ties with South Sudan President … [Read more...]

Australian Taxpayer Alliance rally supports G20 free trade agenda

JACK LAWRIE The Australian Taxpayer's Alliance's Free the Markets rally, which UQ law professor Jim Allan described as the only protest today where people have actually had a shower in the last week, was billed as an alternative to the … [Read more...]

Tibetan activists call on World Leaders at G20

JOSHUA WELLS A Tibetan activist who claims to have been shot at and tortured in his homeland protested for a free Tibet in Brisbane today ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s arrival tonight. A banner that read “China fails human rights, … [Read more...]

Aussie Exporters want Free Trade Agreement on the agenda for the G20 summit

CRAIG L THOMSON Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb will meet with his Chinese counterparts at the APEC Summit seeking to have a free trade agreement with China signed at the G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane. In a statement issued … [Read more...]

U18 Australian sprinter brings home the gold

JONATHAN NAJARRO 17-year-old Brisbane athlete Trae Williams has brought home the bronze and gold following the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics in the men’s 100m and the mixed 8 x 100m relay. In the men’s 100m final Williams pushed off to a … [Read more...]

Ebola outbreak forced workers to leave West Africa

SIYUAN YANG Chinese construction companies are withdrawing their workers from West Africa due to Ebola virus outbreak. The Chinese government has not yet disclosed plans to withdraw citizens from Ebola-affected areas, and many of the … [Read more...]

Career opportunities for Chinese students

KHAN JIANG The Chinese Graduate Careers Fair Australia 2013 was held in Brisbane at Queensland University Of Technology (QUT) last Friday. The event targeted Chinese students who are completing or have completed their degree from Australian … [Read more...]

Chinese movie struck a pose on the stage of MIFF

KAN JIANG Jia Zhang-ke, a leader of China’s newest generation of directors, attended the 63rd Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) with his actress wife Zhao Tao on 31 July 2013. His new film A Touch of Sin, which won the best … [Read more...]