Escaping the Emotional Emergency Room: The Fathers’ Fight for Parental Equality

Chandler Milligan Image from Pixabay Twenty-two years ago on an ordinary Father’s Day, a group of broken and defeated men struggling under the weight of divorce, separation, and the loss of their children sat down on a veranda at Coffs … [Read more...]

New theatre school opens on Gold Coast

Sun Stage classes

KIARA BLINCO Gold Coast resident Veronica Wnuk has founded a new theatre school in Tugun, giving local children a new outlet to release their creative energy.   The theatre school, which is known as Sun Stage, allows children aged from … [Read more...]

Technology brings education to life

SHILOH PAYNE Young minds are being shaped by technology like never before, with e-books, apps and online educational games replacing traditional learning methods. Local developers are working to meet the demand for quality offerings, with … [Read more...]

Children’s book empowering Coast kids

BRIANNA MORRIS-GRANT The Gold Coast writer of a new children's book hopes to empower and inspire young people across Australia. Aimed at children aged six and under, Little Hope, Big Hope tackles multiculturalism, diversity and equity with its … [Read more...]

Childhood educators protest in Queensland this week

JANA GABRIJEL Early Childhood educators in Queensland are walking off the job this week in a protest about wages. The walkout is planned for this Thursday, 7 September, at 3:20 pm, to signify the time employees fundamentally start working … [Read more...]

A forgotten war as remembered by William

TAYLOR TOOVEY Do you remember the War in Chechnya that left 50,000 - 100,000 people dead and 500,000 displaced in just two years? This war was likely in your lifetime yet the atrocities imposed upon Chechen civilians in the First Chechen War … [Read more...]

Study shows increased number of children living in poverty

LUJAYN HAWARI The number of children living below the poverty line has increased in the past decade, according to research by the University of New South Wales' Social Policy Research Centre. According to The 2016 Poverty Report, 17.4% or … [Read more...]

Same-sex adoption laws to provide certainty for foster children

ELIZABETH ANDAL Same sex couples engaged in long-term foster care will be one of the many groups of Australians to benefit from the proposed changes to QLD adoption laws according to Gay Dads Australia Co-moderator, Rodney … [Read more...]

20,000 missing Australian children

GRACE LLEWELLYN Around 35,000 people go missing every year throughout Australia including 20,000 children under the age of 18. Most children reported missing are located safe and well within 24 hours, however there are still a small percentage … [Read more...]

Deadly choices help close the gap

HOLLY WARE DEADLY CHOICES wrapped up a three-day camp for children aged 9-12 as part of a health education program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It's no secret there is still a large health gap between Indigenous and … [Read more...]