Insecurities stripped bare through art

ERIN SEMMLER Jesse Donoghue opens the door to a room filled with more than 50 artists. She walks up to the platform, drops her robe and holds her pose.  This is the first time Jesse has life modelled. She had recently separated from her abusive … [Read more...]

Eating Disorders: The online ‘Thinspiration’ cheer squad

THOMAS PITTS In recent times social media trends have seen the rise in the hashtag 'Thinspiration', Pininterest has now made any search for 'Thinspiration' to be accompanied with eating disorder warning messages. Thinspiration is not only a … [Read more...]

Misconception of the Insta-body image

ALANNAH KERR In today's society, social media has taken over the minds of young women and brainwashed them into how their bodies should look to seem sexy, attractive and beautiful. What young women aren't realising is it's all a … [Read more...]

Working together to change attitudes toward body image

ARIANA DEELEY The Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders today launched their ‘Love Your Body Week’ campaign, aiming to raise awareness about eating disorders whilst promoting body confidence in support of 'Body Image and Eating Disorders … [Read more...]

Why fans should not copy Kylie Jenner’s ‘look’

MELANIE WHITING There is no denying some consider Kylie Jenner, 18, and the youngest member of the Kardashian family, a role model for young women. Earlier this year, the world was shocked by images of young people artificially ‘plumping’ … [Read more...]

Fashion industry under fire for “skeletal” model

RHEA ANTHONY Australian fashion brand Manning Cartell has garnered criticism after showcasing a model described as “emaciated to the point of looking skeletal.” Journalist and founder of Mia Freedman said it’s not an attack on … [Read more...]