Get checked for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BCNA Pink Bun campaign

TAYLAH GRAY Experts are reminding Australian women of the importance of regular check-ups and early detection ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which kicks off on October 1.   Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) spokesperson … [Read more...]

Guides brave the cold for homelessness

Ready for bed at Chain of Cardboard Cities Redland Bay

MICAELA ABOODY Brisbane Girl Guides have helped raise awareness of homelessness by sleeping in a cardboard "city" in Redland Bay on Saturday night. The event, dubbed Chain of Cardboard Cities, took place at PGL Kindilan Outdoor Education … [Read more...]

Dementia stigma affecting young sufferers

ELOISE LE GROS The stigma surrounding Dementia as an 'old person's' disease could be costing younger sufferers time with late diagnoses due to age misconceptions and lack of support facilities. Dementia Awareness Month, an initiative by … [Read more...]


MICHAELA PETROFES September is Suicide Prevention Month,  and awareness campaign R U OK? Day is Thursday, September 10th. R U OK? was founded in 2009 to inspire people to ask "are you okay?" to anyone who may be struggling with life.  R U OK? … [Read more...]

Society unaware of benefits from urban forest

JASMINE BUCK Urban forests and a good tree cover can be a matter of life and death, one of Australia's foremost experts in urban tree management and arboriculture, said in Brisbane this week. Melbourne University horticulturalist Dr Greg … [Read more...]

Prevention is better than a cure for Brisbane’s nightclub patrons

  MATT HARDIE Night safety has been an ongoing concern for years and exposure to support organisations for distressed patrons is paramount. Statistics indicate that risks of long-term neurological and social deficiencies are linked to … [Read more...]