Gold Coast company sets sights on moon

James Gilmour, Karen Andrews MP and Adam Gilmore

ASHLEIGH JANSEN A Gold Coast based space technology company is hoping to benefit from the Morrison government’s $150 million dollar investment into Australia’s budding space industry, and hopes the investment will see man get back on the … [Read more...]

Brisbane parents want ‘quiet hour’ for shoppers with autism

HOLLY FENWICK Brisbane parents have called for a 'quiet hour' in supermarkets so people with autism can have an easier shopping experience. Two Coles stores in Victoria are already trialling the quiet hour every Tuesday until the end of … [Read more...]

European probe finally finds it mark after 10 years

LUISA COOLS A 10-year-odyssey reached its climax on Wednesday as the European Space Agency's Philae probe finally landed on the comet it had been tracking for a decade. It is the first time in history a probe has successfully landed on a … [Read more...]