Cows find safe haven in hinterland

Gavin and Graham Save A Cow Foundation

JAKE DAY In the Sunshine Coast hinterland is a little-known haven for cows that have been re-homed from beef and dairy farms around the South East. The cows have all been “rescued” by one man, Anthony Walsgott. Mr Walsgott has given a home … [Read more...]

The dangers of hating the Melbourne Cup

THOMAS PITTS Another Melbourne Cup has passed, but the cost to Australia is not only taking the next day off work with a bad hangover, but supporting a day which animal activists say kill thousands of horses and basically tortures them, but there … [Read more...]

The internet: the vegans movement’s new best friend

THOMAS PITTS According to Google Trends, Australians lead the world in researching the word 'vegan'. This comes as no surprise as Australia is set to see the third largest market growth in the world in vegan products over the next five years, … [Read more...]

Greyhound rehoming efforts “insufficient” to deal with dumped dogs

NAKITA RONTO Animal welfare groups have called for greater communication between the greyhound racing industry and rehoming organisations. Twenty thousand greyhounds are bred each year by the racing industry, with eighteen thousand dogs … [Read more...]

Animal activists fight to stop dolphin hunt

CHELSEA MAPPAS Animal rights activists’ are fighting to end the cruel and unnecessary hunting of dolphins that is set to begin in Japan this month. The controversial event is held in the town of Taiji and is run annually for approximately … [Read more...]

Caged egg days are over for Woolworths

TESS BROOKS Last week Woolworths announced they would begin phasing out all caged eggs sold in-store by 2018, including home brand products.. The announcement was made as part of a new partnership with Chef Jamie Oliver which, Woolworths … [Read more...]

Farmers call for more input on animal welfare regulations

GAVIN COOTE Livestock producers are calling for more input on animal welfare legislation as uncertainty looms over the agriculture sector’s future path. Australian Stud Merino Breeders Association vice-president Jock Macrae said the current … [Read more...]