Writers under arrest

JESS ROBERTSON Madonna King led a discussion at the Integrity Summit this morning, interviewing three journalists and activists on the topic of writers under arrest. Ms  King spoke with Angolan journalist and human rights activist, Rafael … [Read more...]

Significant Police presence at annual Anonymous protest in Brisbane CBD

ALEISHA OWEN AND MATTHEW WILLIAMS, VIDEO STORY: MELANIE WHITING More than a hundred members of Hacktivist group Anonymous took to the streets of Brisbane today for their annual Million Masks March. Close to 150 protesters marched through … [Read more...]

Colombians set to speak out in Brisbane

KATHERINE VEGA A large group of Colombians will gather in Brisbane City on Saturday to show support for farmers in their home country who have been copping abuse from local police. Event organiser Lala Mendoza said the idea of this meeting was … [Read more...]