World’s first solar electric commercial car to be made in Brisbane

LUJAYN HAWARI   The world's first commercial, road registered, custom-made Australian solar electric car will be built in Brisbane. Clenergy Team Arrow, one of Australia's most successful solar racing teams hope to have a … [Read more...]

New technology to speed up missing persons search

KELSIE IORIO     The Queensland Police Service launched a new missing persons recovery application this week as part of 2016’s National Missing Persons Week. The app will be available to a limited number of police equipped … [Read more...]

Lagarde: bring gender gap reduction target forward

DANIEL BACKHAUS Christine Lagarde has criticised the G20 for taking a soft touch approach to closing the gender gap. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund generally praised the outcome of the G20, but took aim at the … [Read more...]

Buskers ready for G20 to be over

JOSHUA WELLS Brisbane’s iconic street performers will return to their historical hotspots to entertain the masses as the G20 Leaders’ Summit winds down. From clowns to saxophones, walking down Queen Street Mall has always been an exciting … [Read more...]

UK Prime Minister addresses press after G20 talks

AMY MITCHELL-WHITTINGTON UK Prime Minister David Cameron said climate change was always going to be on the agenda after G20 talks wrapped up this afternoon. "The core purpose of the G20 is about boosting economy and financial regulation but … [Read more...]

Tony Abbott ‘arrested’ for ecocide at West End

JACK LAWRIE   Activist group Generation Alpha pulled a creative stunt to protest against the Australian government's environmental policies -- staging an arrest of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The environmental activist group was … [Read more...]

Riverside restaurants see little economic benefit from G20

PHILLIP HARSANT   Low-key visits from G20 entourages have not made up for the loss of local customers in Brisbane's premier eating district at Riverside. Kingsley's restaurant benefited from a large group of European Union … [Read more...]

Lunchtime News Burst – 16 November 2014

Inge Hansen and Aleisha Owen bring you the latest news from the final day of The G20 Summit. … [Read more...]

Ronny Kareni spoke out on the plight of people in West Papau for the G20 Summit

JACK LAWRIE West Papua activist Ronny Kareni said the people of West Papua must confront the Indonesian president, Joko Widowo over human rights violations, illegal foreign trade practices and aggressive military action taken against peaceful … [Read more...]

Russia knows who MH17 culprits are: Newman

DANIEL BACKHAUS AND JANELSA OUMA Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says he is confident Russian and Ukranian security services know the people who shot down Flight MH17 that killed everyone on-board including 38 Australians, seven of which … [Read more...]