Brisbane man walking across Spain

TOM O'BRIEN Brisbane man, Eric Thorne, 83, is walking across Spain to raise awareness for his grandson’s illness, Transverse Myelitis. Mr Thorne is walking the Camino, an 800km journey to the city of Santiago de Compostela that takes 30-35 … [Read more...]

Brisbane housing sector ready for the future

TOM O'BRIEN Brisbane's housing sector is ready to meet the challenges of an increase in the city's population over the next decade. Demographer, Bernard Salt published a report last week forecasting a growth in population of around 660,000 … [Read more...]

Citizenship crisis in Government

TOM O'BRIEN There will be no end to the citizenship saga in Federal Government until the High Court rules on section 44 of the constitution. The citizenship status of seven MPs and senators are in question under section 44, including deputy … [Read more...]

Drugs suspensions on the rise in QLD schools

TOM O'BRIEN Suspensions involving illicit and legal substances are on the rise in South East Queensland schools. According to the data from the Queensland Department of Education, the number of suspensions for ‘misconduct involving illicit … [Read more...]

Aussies flounder at swimming World Championship

TOM O'BRIEN The Australian swim team has finished outside the top five at the World Swimming Championships for the first time since 1986. The Aussie’s finished 7th behind Italy and Great Britain on the gold medal rankings, with the United States and … [Read more...]