Celebrating Australia’s strength of diversity

LUISA COOLS While the rest of Brisbane has been preoccupied with preparations for the G20 Leaders' Summit, ethnic and Indigenous business communities held their 26th Ethnic Business Awards on Sunday night. The event is the longest-running … [Read more...]

European probe finally finds it mark after 10 years

LUISA COOLS A 10-year-odyssey reached its climax on Wednesday as the European Space Agency's Philae probe finally landed on the comet it had been tracking for a decade. It is the first time in history a probe has successfully landed on a … [Read more...]

30,000 participate in G20 culture

LUISA COOLS More than 30,000 people attended the many cultural events organised around the G20 Leaders' Summit. G20 ‘Colour Me Brisbane’ Director Jono Perry stressed the importance of the public celebrations that were organized in the … [Read more...]

Brisbane embraces sculpture culture

RHEA ANTHONY and LUISA COOLS Brisbane is setting out to not only 'wow' international audiences with its spectacular G20 events, but also engage local community groups to showcase our exceptional talent in the arts. The G20 cultural … [Read more...]

From the News Desk: 25-09-2014

LUISA COOLS The Source’s round up of the top news stories this week. Australia's Migration Act was revised India launched spacecraft to Mars American imprisoned in North Korea Teenage terror suspect shot dead US airstrikes to cut … [Read more...]

9/11’s legacy: ‘We sacrificed liberty for security’

LUISA COOLS Events will be held all over the US today to remember over 3000 victims of the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Centre in 2001. Today marks the thirteenth anniversary since the beginning of the global war against … [Read more...]

Global Integrity Summit calls for integrity at the G20

LUISA COOLS Ethics, integrity and corruption were hot topics for the Global Integrity Summit at the Queensland Conservatorium yesterday. Over 300 academics, business professionals and students from all over the world attended the two-day … [Read more...]

Brisbane makes a stand to rebrand Feminism

LUISA COOLS Over 80 people united against gender prejudice at the inaugural Gender Symposium hosted by the Australian Institute of International Affairs on Monday night. Academics, business professionals and students turned out to discuss … [Read more...]