Tony Abbott ‘arrested’ for ecocide at West End

JACK LAWRIE   Activist group Generation Alpha pulled a creative stunt to protest against the Australian government's environmental policies -- staging an arrest of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The environmental activist group was … [Read more...]

Ronny Kareni spoke out on the plight of people in West Papau for the G20 Summit

JACK LAWRIE West Papua activist Ronny Kareni said the people of West Papua must confront the Indonesian president, Joko Widowo over human rights violations, illegal foreign trade practices and aggressive military action taken against peaceful … [Read more...]

Australian Taxpayer Alliance rally supports G20 free trade agenda

JACK LAWRIE The Australian Taxpayer's Alliance's Free the Markets rally, which UQ law professor Jim Allan described as the only protest today where people have actually had a shower in the last week, was billed as an alternative to the … [Read more...]

Townsville is world’s first trial city for ‘Eliminate Dengue’ project

JACK LAWRIE Trials for the 'Eliminate Dengue Fever' project are underway in Townsville, where scientists are injecting the wolbachia bacteria into the town's mosquito population to stop the spread of the dengue virus. … [Read more...]

G20 summit potentially at risk from ‘lone wolf’ activists

JACK LAWRIE Police and security specialists are working on identifying and preventing "lone wolf" style terror threats including those allegedly targeting the G20 leader's summit in Brisbane.  … [Read more...]

Joe Hockey says climate change is an important topic of discussion for G20

JACK LAWRIE Treasurer Joe Hockey spoke this afternoon about the federal government’s plans for the G20 summit, and also revealed that he supported discussion of climate change at the G20, provided it is not the primary agenda. … [Read more...]

Rising tensions between locals and refugees on Nauru – Audio

JACK LAWRIE With reports of hostility brewing on Pacific Island offshore detention centres, refugee support groups and politicians are starting to call Australia's immigration policy into question. … [Read more...]

Republican-controlled US senate and the benefits for international trade

JACK LAWRIE The Republican victory in the US Senate may have unexpected benefits for future trade between the US and East Asia and Australia. … [Read more...]