Coloured coin charms collectors

BRENT ROW Coin-hunters across Australia will be on the hunt for a special new addition to their collection in the coming weeks. As part of this year's Remembrance Day commemorations the Royal Australian Mint will press a limited edition … [Read more...]

Calls for review into ‘messy’ refugee determination process

BRENT ROW Calls for the streamlining of Australia's refugee determination process have intensified following a week of intense scrutiny for the Government's controversial off-shore detention centres. Refugee advocates in Australia say … [Read more...]

Guilty verdict delivered in cop shooting case

BRENT ROW After two years in the making, Brisbane Supreme Court reached a guilty verdict closing one of the most notorious police shooting cases in Queensland’s history. Robert George Speedy, 49, was found guilty of attempted murder after … [Read more...]

Violent end shows pressure of life as an asylum seeker

BRENT ROW The Australian Government has drawn widespread condemnation following the death of an Afghan asylum seeker in Victoria at the weekend. 30 year old Afghan refugee Khodayar Amini is believed to have died after he set himself alight … [Read more...]

Medical marijuana draws mixed response from experts

BRENT ROW Victoria’s legalisation of medical cannabis has been met with mixed reactions from leading researchers in the field of drugs and alcohol. Director of the National Drug and Alcoholic Research at the University of New South Wales, … [Read more...]

Reporting on domestic violence leaves much to be desired

BRENT ROW Advocates for the prevention of domestic violence have called for more effective media reporting on domestic violence. Following a serious assault on a Gold Coast woman last week, media reporting focused on the perpetrator’s … [Read more...]

Advocacy groups slam proposed environmental law changes

BRENT ROW Attorney-General George Brandis has drawn ire from civil liberties and environmental groups today, following his proposal to change environmental protection laws in Australia. Under the proposed changes, Mr Brandis hopes to avoid … [Read more...]

Nurses take to the water to call for Robin Hood tax

BRENT ROW An international alliance of nurses and midwives took to the Brisbane River this morning to call on G20 leaders to implement a “Robin Hood” tax. The boat performed a two-hour circuit of South Bank with nurses on board singing the tune … [Read more...]

Micah Challenge speaks out on corruption reform

As the G20 summit unfolds, advocates from around the world have descended on Brisbane to voice their concerns to world leaders on everything  from climate change to refugees. Amanda Jackson and Coralie Diebold joined us from Micah Challenge to … [Read more...]

Police add to G20 prohibited persons list

BRENT ROW Queensland Police have released the name and photograph of a man who has been placed on the prohibited persons list for this weekend's G20 Leaders' Summit. Gavin George Begbie, 47, is the twelfth man prohibited from the G20 … [Read more...]