Integrity 20 summit draws ‘stellar cast’

AUDREY COURTY Watch The Source News special Integrity 20 edition here.  Individual segments appear below   The third annual Integrity 20 conference brought together international activists, journalists, philosophers, artists and … [Read more...]

Charles Sampford: Big businesses should embrace carbon-neutrality

DAVID SIMON Griffith University Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law Director Charles Sampford spoke briefly this morning about institutional integrity and climate change awareness for individuals and businesses. Mr Sampford … [Read more...]

Women of the round table take action against domestic violence

JOSHUA ADAMSON The possibility of implementing a law notifying people of their partner’s criminal history was the centre of a round table discussion at Sherwood on Tuesday. Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Shadow Minister … [Read more...]

Scenes from Obama’s keynote G20 Brisbane address

US President Barack Obama captivated a Brisbane audience on Saturday, delivering a keynote speech in which he pledged a deeper engagement with Asia-Pacific and urged nations, including Australia, to combat climate change. Speaking in an auditorium … [Read more...]

Barack Obama encourages Australian youths to take climate change seriously

AUDREY COURTY   In a veiled swipe at the Abbott government, US President Barack Obama directly pleaded with Australia’s youth to pressure politicians to tackle climate change. Speaking at the University of Queensland three days … [Read more...]

Turkish PM calls for more inclusivity in world economics

AUDREY COURTY Low-income countries need to have a stronger voice in world economics, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu says. Speaking at Griffith University’s pre G20 summit conference today, Mr Davutoğlu said world stability depends … [Read more...]

Hockey: climate change a part of the G20 agenda, not the whole agenda

AUDREY COURTY Speaking ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Treasurer Joe Hockey said climate change will be on the agenda, but the focus remains on economic growth. “Of course climate change is hugely important,” Mr Hockey told reporters at … [Read more...]

Aboriginal communities call for a stop to ‘ongoing Stolen Generations’

AUDREY COURTY Scenes from the rally against the forced removal of Aboriginal children. Photos: Cory Wright   Aboriginal communities from around Australia gathered in Brisbane yesterday to rally against child welfare agencies and state … [Read more...]

Australian women wear hijabs in support of Muslim community

AUDREY COURTY Women across Australia and of all faiths are donning the hijab as part of a social media campaign aimed at countering anti-Muslim sentiment. Women in Solidarity with Hijabis (WISH), which now has nearly 29,000 Facebook … [Read more...]

Unmasking racism’s impact on Indigenous health

AUDREY COURTY For most Australians, hailing a cab is a fairly simple and ordinary task. But for First Nations people who find themselves repeatedly ignored or turned away, it is a stark reminder that race in Australia has yet to be … [Read more...]