Video rental stores face final curtain

MADDISON MANGAN Before there were online streaming services, such as Netflix and Stan, the only way people could enjoy films from home was by visiting your local video store. With online streaming now ubiquitous, videos stores have suffered – but … [Read more...]

Journey of a refugee

LUJAYN HAWARI There are 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. 21.3 million are refugees. That's 21.3 million people who don't have a home, or a country to live in because they are escaping war and persecution. Their … [Read more...]

Adam Hole Rocks Out at Blues on Broadbeach

RISAKO ASAHI Adam Hole has an almost mystic connection to his guitar as this video shows.   … [Read more...]

People protest G20 through song

KRYSTAL GORDON In a novel way of protesting the Brisbane People's Choir performed a song compiled of peoples complaints about the G20  posted on a Facebook page. Choir organiser Robert Davidson said this type of protest is effective … [Read more...]

Privacy ‘freaks’ cannot drive talks on ‘dronalism’, experts say

drones privacy ethics debate

DANIEL BACKHAUS Drones are becoming increasingly prominent in civil aviation and are being repurposed for news media in potentially dangerous and inaccessible areas. Also known as Remote Piloted Aircrafts (RPA's), drones have a chequered usage … [Read more...]